I used to…

I used to…
By Dennis N (Sephallia)

I used to play RPGs
Because they were scripted,
So I would live the life of the hero.

Because they promised
That the actions I performed,
The training that I underwent,
And all my interactions with “people”,
Would make the world a better place.

And eventually
Yes, eventually.


In the ultimate boss battle
Necessary to save the world.

I played RPGs because
I felt a burning desire,
craving if you will,
to be important.

craving to be anyone
other than my,

But little did I know
That I was already important,
More important than I could ever know,
To God almighty.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To join a club and reach others,
Within my own context.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To participate in a project course,
That would allow me to travel to the U.S.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To go across the seas,
To Japan.

Little did I know…
And little do I know now,
Of the plans He has,
For what lies,

Notably, I still play RPGs, but now for entertainment, rather than fulfillment.

I’m not very accustomed to writing free verse poetry, but that’s what I aimed for. It started as just a blog post, but ended up sounding more like a poem in my mind, so I went with it. Please feel free to comment, whether on the contents or on the form. 🙂



Hey all, would just like to share some words of encouragement in the form of a poem.

I wrote this poem approximately a year ago, and it always astounds me to look back at old pieces of writing and see what God was speaking to me at the time.

This universe is a miracle.
That’s the only way I know how to express
This unfathomable wonder that I feel
When out of my window I look

The leaves on trees
I think they all have their own name
If I wanted to count them
I’d have to spend all of my days.

Wouldn’t even be able to do it,
Because winter would be on its way.

Grains in the sand,
Little molecules in the sea
The “ecosystem”
And its sustainability

All of this we are only beginning to understand
How could I not be amazed?
The world is just so grand!

The stars in the sky,
The moon and
The sun
You and I,


We are all

Even from a secular standpoint, isn’t it rather amazing? I mean, the functions of the earth, right? Not even to mention space and the galaxies beyond. There’s so much out there that we are unaware of, yet there is still so much within ourselves that we are not aware of as well. We consider space to be so far “up above” sometimes, and but in doing so overlook all that’s going on down below at the depths of the sea. There’s so much going on, so much interacting, and somehow, it all works out. Personally, I believe that there is a God, who orchestrates all of these interactions in a powerful and beautiful way. What do you believe?

I don’t know why these words come to mind, but they do. Maybe they’ll come in use for me, or a reader.

When you’re down and out,
when you feel like trash,
just waiting for the garbage truck
to collect you from the curb.

Remember, that you are a miracle.
Possibly battered, maybe broken.
But still one of God’s own.

And the garbage man isn’t coming,
that’s not who you’ll see make the turn.

Instead you’ll see The Redeemer.
Coming to take you home.


By: Dennis Nguyen

What is existence?
How is existence defined?
How does one know that they are alive?
Even as these questions are asked, time ticks by.

Is it what I’ve done?
Is it what I’ve said?
What is it that tells me I exist?
That I am alive, and not dead?

Is it because others know me?
Is it because I have friends?
Or is it because my heart still beats,
That I know my life is not at its end.

What defines “me”?
What concretely does that job best?
Is it how well I do in school?
Is it my score on my most recent test?

All the things in this life that I find
As proof that I exist
They do not seem strong enough
To solidify my existence.

What ground do you stand upon?
What defines who you are?
Is it biology, physics and chemistry?
Or is it something more?

Hope this provoked some thought!
Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your week!

I wanna see You God

God I know You love me
God I know You’re there
God I know you’re by my side
Comforting me when I cry

Yet I can’t help but feel a little lonely
I can’t help but long for more
I just want a hand, something warm
A warm embrace when I’m freezing cold

You’ve sent Your spirit
To reside inside,
To empower us with power on high
But it’s just really hard sometimes

Your spirit that dwells in me
Cannot physically embrace
If You are omnipotent
Couldn’t these limits be erased?

God I want to see You
Your hand I wish to touch
Your soft embrace I wish to feel
When times get rough

May Your peace be with me
May Your strength hold true
May You push me along
When my strength won’t pull through

Oh God how I wish I could see You…

The Jog; Life

The Jog

Breathing air in
I feel a stabbing pain
On the right side of my body
A pain caused by the touch, lung to rib

I press forward
One foot and then the other
Take another breath
Endure the pain, just a little longer

But still I go onward

That’s all it seems to take
One step, and then another



I can’t fly in the sky
Can’t even lift things my size
Can’t jump out of a window and survive
I’m afraid of heights!

I can’t run fast
In an endurance race I wouldn’t last long
I’d run out of breath
And the others would be long gone

I don’t have super hearing
Or super lasers
Or super humour
In fact I don’t have super anything

But still I persevere
I continue onwards
I pick myself up
I fall down

I don’t run fast
But I keep on running
Keep on chasing
Chasing those small backs far ahead

I listen people who let me
I do what I can do
I say what I can say
To bring a smile to their face

I wonder, could I be a hero too?