This blog was started basically on a whim a few years ago. The blog has died, and revived, and is probably nearing another revival with the start of University. My blog will be about a few different things. I will write poetry as I always have, but only when I have inspiration. The hardest thing for me to do is forcing a poem without first being inspired. Finding that inspiration, is something I can somewhat manage. I will also be posting short stories that I happen to write for my hobby. Basically, it’s just a blog where I, as a writer can express how I feel and post my poems and short stories onto the internet.

The purpose of the blog may change as life goes on and I change, content of different varieties may be added, and some will be discontinued. Regardless, I will do my best to remain active. I’m currently working on a short story and actually have an idea for a few more. I have posted a short story that I had written for English titled The Closet and another that I wrote over summer beak titled The Destination of Wishes I request that you read them if you stumble on this blog and please give critique!

– Dennis


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