I used to…

I used to…
By Dennis N (Sephallia)

I used to play RPGs
Because they were scripted,
So I would live the life of the hero.

Because they promised
That the actions I performed,
The training that I underwent,
And all my interactions with “people”,
Would make the world a better place.

And eventually
Yes, eventually.


In the ultimate boss battle
Necessary to save the world.

I played RPGs because
I felt a burning desire,
craving if you will,
to be important.

craving to be anyone
other than my,

But little did I know
That I was already important,
More important than I could ever know,
To God almighty.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To join a club and reach others,
Within my own context.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To participate in a project course,
That would allow me to travel to the U.S.

Little did I know
That He had plans for me,
To go across the seas,
To Japan.

Little did I know…
And little do I know now,
Of the plans He has,
For what lies,

Notably, I still play RPGs, but now for entertainment, rather than fulfillment.

I’m not very accustomed to writing free verse poetry, but that’s what I aimed for. It started as just a blog post, but ended up sounding more like a poem in my mind, so I went with it. Please feel free to comment, whether on the contents or on the form. 🙂


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