Hey all, would just like to share some words of encouragement in the form of a poem.

I wrote this poem approximately a year ago, and it always astounds me to look back at old pieces of writing and see what God was speaking to me at the time.

This universe is a miracle.
That’s the only way I know how to express
This unfathomable wonder that I feel
When out of my window I look

The leaves on trees
I think they all have their own name
If I wanted to count them
I’d have to spend all of my days.

Wouldn’t even be able to do it,
Because winter would be on its way.

Grains in the sand,
Little molecules in the sea
The “ecosystem”
And its sustainability

All of this we are only beginning to understand
How could I not be amazed?
The world is just so grand!

The stars in the sky,
The moon and
The sun
You and I,


We are all

Even from a secular standpoint, isn’t it rather amazing? I mean, the functions of the earth, right? Not even to mention space and the galaxies beyond. There’s so much out there that we are unaware of, yet there is still so much within ourselves that we are not aware of as well. We consider space to be so far “up above” sometimes, and but in doing so overlook all that’s going on down below at the depths of the sea. There’s so much going on, so much interacting, and somehow, it all works out. Personally, I believe that there is a God, who orchestrates all of these interactions in a powerful and beautiful way. What do you believe?

I don’t know why these words come to mind, but they do. Maybe they’ll come in use for me, or a reader.

When you’re down and out,
when you feel like trash,
just waiting for the garbage truck
to collect you from the curb.

Remember, that you are a miracle.
Possibly battered, maybe broken.
But still one of God’s own.

And the garbage man isn’t coming,
that’s not who you’ll see make the turn.

Instead you’ll see The Redeemer.
Coming to take you home.


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