Miracles and Wonders

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog! I’ve been plugging through the Old Testament in the Bible, and God has been giving me some interesting thoughts. Rather than just keep them in my mind, I decided it would probably be a really good idea to actually write them down somewhere more permanent.

I was thinking about how I sometimes catch myself saying to myself, “It would be so much easier to believe in God if He could just… I dunno… Do something crazy and miraculous right in front of my eyes.” I hear other people say this sometimes too, sometimes they’re Christian, sometimes they’re not. Essentially, the point is they want something tangible in front of their eyes that shouts out, “So amazing that there’s no way that God was not involved.” And I mean, I’m tempted to point out the existence and sustenance of this earth. All of the little details and complications that are required for this earth to just remain in orbit, have an atmosphere, and have a bearable temperature seem so delicate and intricate, that I don’t believe there’s any way that God’s hand is not involved. This earth in and of itself is pretty much a “miracle”. I however won’t go onto that topic in this post.

Anyway, going back on track… “It would be so much easier to believe in God if he could just… I dunno… Do something crazy and miraculous right in front of my eyes.” I have definitely had that thought before, but now I’m not so sure that a miracle would quite do the trick. Like I said, I’m currently plugging through the Old Testament, and in particular, I’m on Exodus right now, and Moses is leading the people through the desert, out of Egypt. Where I left off, they had just pretty much arrived at the border of the land of Canaan. It was at that point that I noticed something funny. God had done many amazing and miraculous things right in front of their eyes. He had swarmed Egypt with many different plagues and disasters. Many were so supernatural that the Pharaoh’s Magicians could not do the same. God drove the Pharaoh to a point where the Pharaoh was pretty much forced to let the Israelites go. God used plague after plague, should His power. And then, Moses leads the people out of Egypt.

And then, they come to the scene where Moses splits the sea. Before Moses does this, the Israelites again doubt God. Moses goes ahead and splits the sea by following God’s instructions, and then the people walk along the bottom of the sea, with the water halted water on both sides. The Egyptians give pursuit, but are drowned. The Israelites then sing a song of deliverance, praising God and saying that they put their faith in Him. They proceed to the desert, and become hungry. They doubt God again at that moment, and God makes food rain from the sky. Anyway, they get to the border of Canaan. I haven’t quite read what happens yet, but I remember the story from my childhood (I’ll see how accurate it is when I actually read it). They go in and are scared of the Canaanites and don’t want to go in. In the face of fear, they apparently have forgotten all the miracles and signs that God had thrown at them, that God had delivered them, protected them, warmed them, cooled them, and provided for them.

So I really doubt that miracles and signs will produce true faith. It may do it sometimes, but definitely not often. I mean, in parallel, in the New Testament, Jesus performed many miracles, yet the Pharisees still doubted Him. I believe that some Pharisees even proclaimed that Jesus was a devil, or something similar to that. So I definitely don’t think that miracles will necessarily make it easier to believe in God. It certainly did not make it easier for the Israelites to believe in God! I have a feeling that it’s partly because of all of the mishaps in the old Testaments that God inspired Paul to write “For we live by faith and not by sight.”

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Miracles and Wonders

  1. Matt R

    Hey Dennis – love this post, look forward to reading some of your other stuff! Keep on writing man, you got a real talent, just keep on using it for God!

    1. Hello Matt!

      Thank you for your comment, but God should be the one to receive praise here! Because ideally, the words in my posts should have come from God, and not from myself.

      School’s keeping my busy, but I certainly try to share the thoughts that God reveals to me when He does.

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