My viewpoint: Why Faith is Falling in North American Society

Viewpoints: Why Faith is Falling in the US.

The real issue is homosexuality.

Essentially, if you didn’t really read the article, that is what the article states is the reason for the fall of faith in the US. The author claims that there is a divide in the thoughts of the younger generation and the older generation regarding homosexuality. I won’t get into my thoughts on homosexuality as I do not think that homosexuality is the issue. I’ve written about it before, and I’ll reiterate it now, but it is because we’ve forgotten God. We, as Christians have left God out of the picture, and that is why faith is falling in North American Society (not just the US). I write about it in detail here.

The author of the article writes,

But now they say, “I guess I’m no religion” when seven years ago they said “I guess I’m Christian”.

(And then later)

This is why it’s good news that mushy-middle people are saying “I’m no religion” in response to poll questions. Not because anyone’s behaviour has actually changed—I doubt these folks were going to church anyway, even when they called themselves merely “religious” in 2005—but because it means that “no religion” is now the safe neutral thing to say.

I find this absolutely silly. “I guess I’m Christian”, was never supposed to be a safe or neutral thing to say. Being Christian was supposed to be something passionate and radical, not lukewarm. And yet “seven years ago” being Christian was apparently “safe” and “neutral”. I almost feel like using strong language to express my confusion over this. I can not help but find myself asking how did this happen? Regardless, I am going to say that it’s because at one point being “Christian” was the lukewarm option that faith is falling in North America.

As Christians in North America, many (not all) Christians are no-longer relying on the Holy Spirit for their evangelistic message, but rather relying on themselves. If one looks at the radical and transforming message of the bible and thinks, I have to share that to people that don’t understand?” What would the natural response be? If it was myself in that situation, I would honestly think… “Oh Good Lord. If I share this to people, they will think that I am crazy. I have to… tone it down a few notches, make it short and fast so that I do not take too much of their time, and make it appealing to current society.” And this is how the Christian advertisement scheme known as the “Prosperity Gospel” likely began, and this is also where things went horribly horribly wrong. What the evangelist previously mentioned should have thought was, “The Holy Spirit will give me the words that I need to say, and as long as I give Him control, His words will speak into the life (lives) of the people that I am speaking to and will move them toward God. His words will be much more powerful than anything that I could ever come up with.” There is a HUGE difference in those two statements.

People came to Christianity looking for life, and life to the full. Jesus promised that. But what did they find? They found some candy, a free, all expenses paid trip to heaven, and they found the gospel covered in a lot of whipped cream and icing. Some parts of the gospel were so covered in whipped cream and icing in fact, that they were completely blotted out. In particular the parts that come to mind are the areas in the Bible where Jesus speaks about the cost of following Him. They came to find God, but instead they found a cheap marketing scheme. Of course Faith is falling in North American Society. People are purpose, people are asking for life, but instead we’re giving them “an easy way to Heaven.” People are asking for water, people are asking for the Fountain that will not dry, and yet we’re giving them sugar. People are asking for spiritual food, and yet all we can seem to dish out is cake.

Please, rather than giving people sugar, start giving them Jesus. Please, instead of relying on yourself, start relying on the Holy Spirit. And maybe, just maybe, we will be able to see the amazing things that the disciples and the churches were able to see in the book of Acts.

Thank you for reading, God Bless.


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