An Amazing Day! (Everyday!)

Hello once again all!

I suppose I’ll explain from the start. A friend of mine updated his facebook status saying how (I’m paraphrasing) “Today’s an amazing day because _____”. Then I wrote a response comment (somewhat jokingly) saying that “Today (and everyday!) is an amazing day because we’re living on the earth that God has created and because we’re breathing the breath that God gave us.” As I finished writing the comment, I realized that it didn’t feel so much a joke anymore once I finished writing it. I truly honestly believe it to be true and well, it’s amazing and it makes every day amazing!

I mean think about it. An all powerful God designed and created this world and us. He breathed life into us and distinguished us from all of His other creation. Even after we fell away from Him, He reached out His hand to us and continued to guide us and sustain us. Then He sent Jesus down to redeem us from the fall and to pick us back up. And now, we have the hope of a new earth, a new life and an eternal relationship with God! I mean as I’m writing this now, it feels really obvious to me, so obvious that it feels like this post is unnecessary, but I remind myself that about just a half an hour ago, I did not actually think these thoughts so clearly.

I mean think about it! Isn’t it amazing? Even when I experience brokenness or pain or depression, I still have hope in the redeemed world that God will reveal when it is the right time. I still have assurance that God will pick me up when I fall down. I have faith that God is working to fix the world, and that brings me joy. And I mean, most of the world doesn’t have the same hope, they don’t have the same faith. Basically yes, this is a post to encourage any and all readers that are believers to share the good news! Because once it is known and truly understood, it brings joy, hope, love, peace and a lot of other things! And all of those things (the fruits of the Spirit) make each and every day amazing.

Hope that the remainder of this weekend is wonderful for You!

— The prayer that I prayed as I finished this post.
Dear Heavenly Father Lord,

I pray that I do not forget these feelings that I am feeling right now. I pray that You remind me of Your love and Your grace each and every day, and remind me of this overwhelming joy that I feel right now. I pray that You convict me, to spread this love, to spread this hope, to spread this joy each and every day. I pray that my actions, my words, and my thoughts all glorify You and are contagious to others. I pray that they become curious, that they wonder, “Where is Dennis getting that joy?” I pray that when they become curious, and if they come and ask me, that You prepare me for that time God, so that I may have a proper answer to them. I thank You God, for this wonderful amazing day.

In Your name I pray,


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