By: Dennis Nguyen

What is existence?
How is existence defined?
How does one know that they are alive?
Even as these questions are asked, time ticks by.

Is it what I’ve done?
Is it what I’ve said?
What is it that tells me I exist?
That I am alive, and not dead?

Is it because others know me?
Is it because I have friends?
Or is it because my heart still beats,
That I know my life is not at its end.

What defines “me”?
What concretely does that job best?
Is it how well I do in school?
Is it my score on my most recent test?

All the things in this life that I find
As proof that I exist
They do not seem strong enough
To solidify my existence.

What ground do you stand upon?
What defines who you are?
Is it biology, physics and chemistry?
Or is it something more?

Hope this provoked some thought!
Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your week!


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