The Gravity of Sin

Hello again!

I was originally planning to write on the topic of sin and give my best attempt at saying, “Well, we’ve often heard that all sin is equal in the eyes of God, but can we wrap our minds around that in terms of human thinking?” The latter portion of that sentence has not changed. The former however has been abolished. While looking for information, I stumbled upon a blog post where the writer made very strong points about why all sin is not equalI still however firmly believe that all sin, regardless of the gravity of the sin leads to death and separation from God. That has not changed. The writer in essence says that, “Yes, breaking the law is still breaking the law no matter the degree of the offense, but that doesn’t mean that all offenses are the same.” That however, is not what I am venturing into.

If anyone is interested, the blog post that I read is here.

Now, what I was originally going to try to explain was why we as Christians should consider any “small” sin as grave as any “large” sin. I’m not saying we should condemn ourselves or someone else for lying as harshly as we would for stealing, not in that sense. Not even to guilt-trip ourselves. I’m saying that when we sin (or preferably before sinning), we should consider the sin that we’ve either committed or are contemplating to commit to be as large as what we consider a “large” sin.

See, the moment we say to ourselves, “That sin is a ‘small’ sin.” We give the enemy, Satan, almost a quick access path to attack. And that’s certainly not a good thing. In contrast, if we consider lying as grave as murder (which is certainly hard to do), we will be much more reluctant to lie and we give less room for an attack. When we say something is a “small” sin, we become less guarded towards that sin. There’s a vulnerability there for Satan to attack. I don’t know about you, but when I watch action films or anime, when the antagonist hits the weak spot of the protagonist, the weak spot doesn’t shrink. It actually grows.

If we give room for Satan to by saying one sin is “small”, that vulnerability in our defense will expand as Satan continues to attack it. Eventually, we’ll have a big list of sins that are “small” even though they may not have originally been. I’ve certainly experienced this before, and I’m sure many of you have. Sin is like falling into a pit that Satan has dug. I fall into the pit, and God pulls me out. I find myself falling into another pit that’s just a little larger. Because it’s only a little larger, I’m not all that concerned. And God pulls me out, but the next one is just a little larger than the last. And the cycle continues. That is why I believe that we should consider committing a “small” sin just as dangerous as committing any “large” sin.

Be as wary as possible and don’t give the enemy any room to attack! (I’ve got to work harder on this as well.) Please note, I am not saying that lying is as bad as stealing. What I am saying is that if you think lying is a “small” and “acceptable” sin, one day, it is very possible that stealing will become a “small” and “acceptable” sin (subjective to you). To prevent that from happening, consider lying to be really bad so you will avoid it as much as possible.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
(Side note) One thing that I will do my best to do this week: (maybe you could try it too if you aren’t already doing it)

  • Always have a prayerful mindset (If I’m talking to God, I remember that God is with me and thus am less likely to sin)

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