I wanna see You God

God I know You love me
God I know You’re there
God I know you’re by my side
Comforting me when I cry

Yet I can’t help but feel a little lonely
I can’t help but long for more
I just want a hand, something warm
A warm embrace when I’m freezing cold

You’ve sent Your spirit
To reside inside,
To empower us with power on high
But it’s just really hard sometimes

Your spirit that dwells in me
Cannot physically embrace
If You are omnipotent
Couldn’t these limits be erased?

God I want to see You
Your hand I wish to touch
Your soft embrace I wish to feel
When times get rough

May Your peace be with me
May Your strength hold true
May You push me along
When my strength won’t pull through

Oh God how I wish I could see You…


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