Why do we desire change?

This is a follow-up to my other post here. In that post, I basically ask the question in the title. I wanted to organize my thoughts a little more before formulating this post, and I also wanted to give possible readers to think of their own answer. Whether you follow God or not, I’d really just ask you to contemplate this question. Why do we want change? Why do (some) people constantly create new years resolutions even though some people know that their resolutions won’t be kept? Why do people seek to become better, stronger, faster, smarter? If you haven’t thought about it yet, I’d ask that you please do!

When I was thinking about this, there were two different ideas that sprouted. And for me, both of them ended up leading towards the same idea. Its just they seemed different from the start. The first one was that we as humans simply wanted to become better. To move forward and change for the better rather than be stagnant. This is the case for most sports players and businessmen. The sports players want to become better at the sport they play and the businessmen want to be better at being businessmen to make more money. They desire to be better, believing that when they become better, they will be satisfied, that they will be fulfilled. This is very well portrayed by the Pokemon first season theme song where the opening lines say, “I want to be the very best.” So one reason people could desire change would be that they simply desire to be better.

The other idea actually began quite different. Some people desire change because they realize that there is something wrong about their current selves, and thus wish to change themselves. Also of course to be better like in the first one, but the drive for the change stems from some place else. The desire here is to rid oneself of an undesirable quality whereas the other one is a desire to improve or create a desirable quality. For myself, I’d note that I am overweight and desire to become healthy. I’m also very bad with interacting with people that I do not know and I desire to develop skills and confidence to better engage those that I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, it is very possible, in fact very probable to have both of these desires. To become better and stronger in some areas, and to improve some areas that aren’t so great.

So for myself, during my thought process, those were the two types. A desire to become better and stronger, and in the other case, an acknowledgment that there is something wrong and a desire to do something about it. It was then that I came to ask myself where those desires originate from? The desire to become better seems to come pretty naturally, but what is it that keeps us going for more even after we achieved what we had first set as our goal? Andre Agassi, a famous Tennis player spoke about how even after becoming “the best” he still felt empty inside and still yearned for more. Why? He was on the top. What more did he want? On the other end of things, to what exactly are we comparing ourselves to, what standard do we use to know that there is “something wrong” with us? What drives us to do something about it?

I found that for myself, the answer to all this could be found in my faith. I found that the bible, as well as a message that I had heard during a Christmas Eve service really helped me to find an answer to my question. In Genesis, it is said that we, mankind are created in God’s image. We were made in likeness to God. However, we were deceived by the evil one and sinned against God. Thus we became imperfect. We were still in likeness to God, but something had been broken, something had been scarred. I believe that our desires to become better people stem from this. I believe that it is an innate desire that God placed within us to become more like Him. To try and regain the perfectness that we had lost when we were separated. I believe that it is an innate desire whether one recognizes it or not to try and become Holy and sanctified for God. My desire to change myself is directly related to my desire to draw closer to God. My desire to change myself is an attempt to redeem the beauty that God placed within me from the shambles and the brokenness of my life.

I thank you for reading my post and hope that it provoked thought!

I got some of my information from here.

Also, happy new year!


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