Why do we desire change?

New years is coming up and I’m just making this post out of curiosity I guess. Provoke some thought as well as explore my own thoughts I suppose!

So why do we desire change? Why do we always yearn to be better? Why do we always want more? This time of the year especially is when a lot of people decide on things they want to change about themselves and go “gung-ho” for New Years. Unfortunately, (fortunately, depending on the specific goal?) the majority of these people also give up on these goals less than a month in. Many are also aware and almost certain that they’ll give up, and yet year after year, why do people continue to make these goals? Heck, not even just during New Years. People desire change all the time, I desire change all the time. I want a (for some, better) job, better grades, a healthier body, better communication skills, and the list goes on. But why? What drives this desire for change?

I’ll probably do a follow-up post in a day or two once my thoughts are better sorted. Just wanted to pose the question now before the coming of the New Year.


One thought on “Why do we desire change?

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