A Prayer: Boldness.

Dear Heavenly Father Lord:

I thank You God, for being with me all my life. For being by my side even when I felt that You were not, for staying with me even though I cursed by your very side, even though I used strong language adjacent to Your name. I thank You for helping me through the various trials and tribulations that relate to my parents, my life, and school. When I look back, I realize that you were either by my side offering words of encouragement, carrying me on Your back, or preventing me from performing various ridiculous and dangerous acts. I am very grateful to You and pray that you continue to watch over me. Nudge me in the right direction when I take a wrong turn, and guide me to live a life for You and in You. I pray that You take control of my life so that I can not mess it up any more. Amen.

Reflecting on my life, I have realized something. You are good. You are faithful. You fulfill Your promises God. I thank You God. You have always given me enough, You have always given me what I needed, and I have always accepted the bare minimum of Your blessing. I pray God, I pray that You change that. I pray that I am not satisfied with simply being filled with Your blessing God, but that instead You overflow in my life. You are good, You are enough, wrong. You are more than enough God. I pray that I do not put a lid on my life God to prevent You from pouring more into me, but rather that I would open my mind and open my heart to You. I pray God that I am not satisfied with just being filled, that I’m not satisfied even after You overflow in me God, but that I continue to thirst for more of You. I pray that everyday, I can look for more of You. Amen.

I pray God for the future. I know God that you have given me Your Spirit God, the Holy Spirit dwells within me God. And I pray that I would allow Your Spirit to work in my life. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would give me a passion after Your heart God, I pray that my heart would break for what breaks Yours. Please God, give me a compassion for people, give me a serving heart God. I’ve always been scared to take initiative God, but I pray that You would work in my life God, that I would let You work in my life God. I pray that through the Holy Spirit, You give me a boldness for You God. And I pray that in my boldness for You that You would help me to watch my words, and watch my actions so that I am able to properly witness for You God. I know that You’ve called us to be Holy, and I also know that I am not doing the best job. I pray God that you keep me God, that you help me to resist temptations and to refrain from using foul language. I pray that rather than using foul language, that You give me words to encourage others God, to build them up, not cut them down. Amen.

Lastly, I pray for a boldness God. You are an AWESOME God Lord, and I pray that You would give me a boldness so that I may proclaim Your awesomeness. I pray God that I would not be timid in the face of others. You have allowed me to experience Your grace and Your love God, and it’s amazing, simply amazing. I pray that You would give me a boldness and give me courage God to share my testimony, to share about how amazing Your providence is God. Day by day God, the more I experience Your grace and Your love God the harder it is for me to keep it inside, but I’m scared God. I’m scared about what people will think about me and what people will say about me God. It’s weird God, because I KNOW how awesome You are God, so why am I so scared of what people will think of me for sharing something awesome with them? IF I TRULY BELIEVE YOU ARE AWESOME GOD, WHY AM I SCARED? If I truly believe that You are awesome, why am I scared to proclaim it? I’m sorry God, I’m sorry for my doubt. I pray God that you give me a boldness, the same boldness that You gave to Paul, Lord. Even in a prison, even in jail, even in the face of the rulers of the country God, He still proclaimed Your awesomeness, He still proclaimed Your love and Your goodness God. I pray that I too may be bold. Amen.

I lift all these things up to You God. Give me courage to be Your light God, so that I may shine the light that I received from You into other people God, for Your glory God. Amen.


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