Being Available to God’s Use

I was walking around my neighborhood today, and walked by a lady who was raking the leaves in her front yard. I waved at her and walked by, but then I thought “I wonder if she needs help.” After contemplating whether it would be too awkward to walk back and ask if she needed help, I decided to walk back after all. I asked her, and she declined saying that she was fine as she was almost done. She thanked me for my consideration, and I continued my walk.

Though I wasn’t able to really help anyone, I realized something. If I had not asked her if she needed help, there was no way that she would’ve gone out of her way (to ask a stranger) to ask me for help. I feel that in the same way, God does not blatantly smack us on the head when He needs to use us, but rather uses us where we are, in the situation that we’re in. In that sense then, I feel that it is important for me to be sensitive then to the people around me, and make myself available to people who might need assistance. That way, I put myself into a position where it’s possible for God to use me, rather than walk by a good (albeit scary) opportunity.


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