Taught us to love
Taught us to share
Gave us true peace
Shelter from despair

Didn’t want us to hate
Didn’t teach us to flame
Didn’t want a war
Didn’t want great fame

Taught humility
Washed his disciple’s feet
Loved those who others did not
Loved those considered lost

Died on a cross
Gave us a bridge to God
Asked us to follow Him
Told us to pick up our cross

Said to make disciples
Said to share the news
Didn’t say to take up a gun
Didn’t say to sit in pews

Said to love others as I love myself
Said to forgive
Didn’t want us to hold a grudge
Didn’t want us to discriminate

Picks me up when I fall down
Brings me back when I drown
Talks to me when I frown
Sets me upright, when I’m upside down.


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