CH 9: Balance; The Destination of the Wish



 For the happiness that I experienced, I would experience an equivalent sadness. That was the reality that I had come to realize. My life was not yet over. I fought, and I fought, and I fought. I strived to defeat the darkness, both externally, meaning the witch, and the darkness that had formed within my own heart. The same wish that had brought my so much happiness had come to bring me so much pain. I had wished to be loved by the prince at the ball, and that wish had been granted. I was happy no doubt, however, if I hadn’t made that wish, and if I hadn’t married the prince at that time, Rapunzel could still have been in the realm of the living. I had come to resent myself for the events that had happened. I too, like Rapunzel had expended all of my magical powers to defeat the witch, and just as she had, I too turned into a witch. Surprisingly, as a witch, I was still conscious. This consciousness however, was painful. I could not control my body at all, I could not tell it in which direction I wanted it to move, or where I wanted it to go. I was conscious, but it was as if I was in a cage, unable to pass on to the after life, and yet unable to “live”. It was horrible. My witch had started to move into town, and slowly, it was devouring the souls of innocent lives. To balance out the lives that I had previously worked so hard to save, I was now going to kill an equal amount. I could have closed my “eyes” and ignored the actions of my body, but I did not. I guessed that I wanted to know what sins I would be bearing into the afterlife.

Not so long after, I wandered in the fields near the castle. It was the castle of my beloved. The reception should have ended by this time. I wonder if the prince was worried about me, or if the magic had worn off as “Cinderella” had ceased to exist in this world. Maybe he had forgotten all about me, and would seek a new bride during the next weekend’s ball. Such a thing would not be so bad. To the very least, he wouldn’t be worried over someone as undeserving as me. Just as I was musing with those thoughts however, I heard someone call out a name. It was a very familiar name. Unfortunately, my body had caught wind of the sound as well and I was slowly approaching the one who was loudly calling out a name. As I moved closer, I heard the voice continue to call out,

“Cinderella! Where are you?” I recognized the voice now. It was the voice of the prince. He was searching for me, he still remembered me. And yet, I was not happy at all. He would be devoured just as the other souls were. As my body closed in on the prince, I began crying internally. If I had not made that wish, none of this would have happened. The prince would have found a bride more fitting than myself, and would have been happy, not dead. He called my name again after wandering a few paces. He called it out in a few different directions hoping that I would respond. My body approached his position rapidly, but he was oblivious. That made sense. Kyubey had said that only chosen girls who had the ability to become, or who already were magical girls could see witches. The prince was definitely not either of the two, the most convincing point being that he was male. He would be oblivious to his own death, and the thing that caused his death would be the very thing that he longed for, the thing that he was searching for. I felt myself crying even though my body was unable to actually replicate the action of crying. I guess I was experiencing the emotional equivalent. As I dived in towards the body of my beloved, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t bear to see it happen, so I closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I heard his voice one last time.

 “Cinderella! Where—“ The voice was cut off by the sound of the crushing of bones, and the spilling of blood. My body continued its rampage, waiting for the next magical girl, or more accurately, “witch-to-be” to come along and destroy me.

“And yet, if you asked me if it was wrong to hold hope, if it was wrong to seek happiness, then I would tell you over and over again no matter how many times it would take, that it is not wrong to hold hope, that it is not wrong to seek happiness.”



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