CH 8: Inevitability



 Gone. Just like that, the life of my first friend was gone, and in her place was a new witch. Magical girls upon expending the entirety of their magical power turn into witches. “If magical girls are born from wishes, then witches are born through curses.” I recalled that Kyubey had said that once before, but was it really true? What curse, what resentment did Rapunzel hold against the world? Before I could give the matter too much thought, the witch’s maze had surrounded me, and I was now in dangerous territory. Pulling myself up onto my feet, a rapier formed in my hand. I had already realized however, that my wish had already become a curse.

“I’m sorry Rapunzel, if only I had been there.” I thought to myself solemnly. I looked at the ring on my ring finger. My soul gem was my dedication to protect the country, and the ring now on my finger, was my dedication to my beloved. A tear formed as I made firm my resolution. I had to give my all to protect this country, whether I would survive or not.

“Crimson Rage!” The words expelled, my fight with the witch had begun.

Chapter Nine: Balance; The Destination of the Wish


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