CH 6: Another Ring



And so the day of the wedding came. After that night, after my first fight as a magical girl I had already encountered several more witches. I was slowly becoming stronger, and slowly learning how to control my powers as well. I had partnered up with the blonde haired girl that I had met on the night of the ball. Her name was Rapunzel. Together, we confronted the threat that witches posed to society. I felt that I had to become even stronger if I wanted to successfully fulfill my role as a magical girl and as the princess of the country. But today, on my wedding day, I put that aside. Rapunzel said that she would be able to cover for me for today. We met right before the wedding and she assured me that she would be okay. She said that she was a veteran at it and told me not to worry. She winked at me happily and said,

“Congratulations on your wedding.” I thanked her in return, and we split up. We each went to our own duties, I to my wedding, and Rapunzel to hunt for witches. As I stood outside of the cathedral doors, I looked at the massive building that I was about to enter. It was big and white. There was a wooden cross, pinned to the wall above the door. The doors were gigantic, they were made of what seemed to be oak. They were grand. The door handles on the door were solid gold, at least from what I could tell. My eyes were probably not the best at examining expensive materials, but I could tell that the cathedral was expensive. The solid oak doors swung open and I heard the priest say with joy,

“And here comes the bride.” As I entered the cathedral wrapped in brilliant expensive white cloth, I glanced around the cathedral’s brown pews searching for my family. As I had expected, my family was not there. My own father had already passed away from the realm of the living, and my adoptive father didn’t care enough about me to show. As a result, I was walking overtop of a grand red carpet towards my beloved, alone. Even though I was alone right now, I would soon eternally be with the one that I loved, and that comforted me. Gazing into his eyes, I ignored all of the other people in the cathedral and cared only for my beloved. Joining him on the stage of the cathedral, he offered his hand and I took it. He helped me up the stairs to the stage, and then, we simply smiled at one another. Something about this moment just felt that it was right. As if it was meant to be. In my joy, I had practically forgotten that magic was the cause of our love. That no longer mattered. The fact was that we had mutual feelings for one another, and those emotions were about to be expressed in the most beautiful way right now.

Pledging our lives to each other, we smiled. The wedding rings were presented to us, and he slid one of them onto my left hand’s ring finger. In that moment, he asked me.

“Hmm? What’s that other ring?” The ring was actually my soul gem. It turned into a ring to be more compact when it needed to be. Thus, there was only one answer that I could give.

“This ring” I said, referring to the one that was already on my left hand’s ring finger, “represents dedication to this country. The ring that you are giving me now, will represent my never ending dedication to you.” It seemed that no one had any complaint about my response. As the priest said the words,

“You may now kiss the bride.” We leaned forwards and went into a long passionate kiss. Our lips touched before the priest could even finish his line. It was a passionate, loving, and compatible kiss. To me, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Chapter Seven: The Other Side of the Coin


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