CH 5: The Source of Witches



When I awoke, I thought I was still dreaming. The surface on which I slept was not the cold cellar floor that I had slept on for my whole life, but a glorious and big bed. To my left and right were beautiful red curtains with glowing gold embroidery and lining. Moving my left hand to my cheek, I pinched it to see if I felt pain. I did. But what I noticed was a bright red ring. The ring brought memories crashing back into my brain. I recalled the night before, my wish, the ball, and the witch. I had been tired, I had collapsed and someone had caught me. I wasn’t sure who exactly had caught me, but as the fog of sleep cleared from my mind, I realized that there was someone to my right. Sitting up in my bed, I looked to my right and saw the blonde haired girl that had rescued me from the witch before I had become a magical girl. She was soundly asleep. The white cat like being was there too. I had wondered how they had gotten in, but I supposed that it didn’t matter. They would have probably rushed in to help me if I had experienced trouble in dealing with the witch. For that, I was grateful.

It seemed that my movement had caused enough of a disturbance to awake the girl. As she awoke, I smiled at her and then spoke as calmly as I could in this weird situation.

“Good morning.” I said. The blonde haired girl looked confused at first, but then apparently recalled the last night as well. She returned my smile and my morning greetings. I decided that there were things that I needed to know about the witches. Where did they come from? Did they have a purpose?

“I can answer those questions.” A voice said within my mind, as if it had read it. Well, it could speak to me through thoughts, so I supposed that it could listen to my thoughts as well. “Yesterday, you became a magical girl by making a wish, correct?” I nodded at the white animal-like being. “If magical girls are born from wishes, then witches are born through curses. Anger, resentment, and negative feelings such as those come together and create a witch. The appearance of the witch resembles the thoughts of the person who gave birth to the curse.” That made perfect sense to me. The female dancers at the dance definitely did hate me. It seemed sensible enough that they would want to kill me. That sense of anger created that witch. “As for their purpose, they don’t really have one. Witches are just balls of negative energy waiting to jump on someone or something.” I believed to have understood. It certainly was dangerous to leave such things wandering around. “The worst part is… normal humans cannot see them.”

That was definitely a bad thing. If normal humans could not see the witches, then magical girls where the only thing that could protect humans from witches. Once I became the princess of the country, it seemed that the prince would protect the country from political and military related threats, where as I would protect the country in the background, protecting the country from the hidden threat that were known as “witches.” It seemed like a good position to be in.

Chapter Six: Another Ring


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