CH 3: Intermezzo of Feelings



As I reopened my eyes, the world seemed to reform around me. Around me was the palace, glowing in all of its glory. Rich jewelry, gold, dresses, all rich nobility was here, and now, I was smack in the middle of it. Worried about my own appearance, I looked down at myself and realized that I too was dressed lavishly. A flamboyant red dress that was just as flashy as any of the other dresses around me. I felt relieved that I was dressed appropriately for the occasion. Allowing the tension to tone down slightly, my body realized that there was something on the ring finger of my left hand, and something a lot heavier in my right hand. Looking at my right hand first, I noticed a glass of red wine in my hand, the glass was half full, and the cup seemed to indicate that I had been drinking from it. It was as if I had been at the party all the while! Still unable to look at my left hand, I felt as if there was someone looking at me. I returned the gaze and found the prince. I began to wonder if I looked weird, or if he could tell that I did not belong in the palace, but instead, before those worries could develop, he approached me and offered his hand.

“Would you care to dance?” The man asked me. All of the other girls in the palace, including my stepsisters were shocked. The looks on their faces told me that the prince had not yet asked to dance with anyone. All of the people who had danced with him had asked him, made the first move. Their eyes were burning with jealousy, and I loved the moment.

“Yes, gladly.” I replied promptly, giving the prince a quick curtsy before taking his hand to dance. At that moment, I wondered if I would be able to dance. I had not properly learnt ballroom dancing, and I was also worried about the many bruises that covered my body. Would they hurt if I started to dance? Regardless, the prince led the way and I was forced to follow. Not much else that I could have done in the situation, however my body simply moved on instinct. I danced as if I had known how to dance for my whole life. “Is this too a part of the magic?” I asked myself. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t possible to dance so well, especially if it was the first time that I had danced. My body didn’t seem to feel any pain either. Either my body’s nerves had been disconnected in a way that I couldn’t feel pain, or the bruises were removed by the magic as well. I decided that it would be best to check later when I had the chance.

Needless to say, the rest of the night was marvelous. We held each other, swung each other around the ballroom always looking in one another’s eyes. It was as if we were in our own world. I felt a bit guilty now however. I still felt that it was immoral to bend other people’s feelings using magic. However, when I saw the devastated look upon my stepsister’s face, I felt that no matter how immoral the wish had been, it had been worth it. With a new energy, I continued the dance. Once again, I allowed myself to lose myself in his gaze. The prince of this country had gentle blue eyes, ones that seemed to reassure me that everything was okay, that what I had done was not a mistake. He had slick black hair as well. His bangs hung themselves shadowing over his forehead and only slightly reaching his eyes. His hair color was strangely different than the usual color of hair in the country, but that was one of his attracting aspects as well, being different. He wore a blue officer’s uniform with gold embroidery and outlining and white dress pants. His appearance was very proper for a prince and his white teeth shined when he smiled at me. Turning my eyes back to his, I realized that I too was deeply in love with him. I was not sure whether that too was a cause of the magic, or whether it was natural, but at that moment, I didn’t care. One thought crossed my mind.

“Do I really deserve this?” I asked myself in my mind. I may have been nobility if the civil war had turned out differently, but with how things were, I was simply a servant girl with non-blood related ties to my current “family.” Was it right for the prince of the country, someone so grand to be in love with me? Thinking so, a tear began trickling down my cheek. It seemed that he had noticed the tear and had stopped dancing, confused. What kind of person would cry in a situation like this? Rather than looking at me as if I was some strange being however, he kindly looked me in the eye and moved his forefinger to intercept the tear. Moving the tear to his own mouth, he drank it, as if telling me to stop crying. I was shocked. Whether my wish had been wrong or right, it no longer mattered as there was no way that I could turn back time. Since I had made the wish on the spur of the moment, I had to live the wish now. I happily smiled once more and as if the whole night had been directed by magic, the clock in the palace struck twelve. In that exact moment, we looked at each other, my eyes locked to his, and his eyes were locked to mine. Leaning forward, our lips touched for just a moment and then retreated as if embarrassed. I gathered my courage and leaned forward once again. The prince followed in, and we kissed, this time longer, ignoring the spectators around us. Ignoring the gasps, the sneers, and the jeers. That moment, at twelve o’clock midnight, the prince declared loudly,

“I love you, will you marry me?” Following his bold words, there was an angry uproar from all of the female spectators of the dance. I however, could only manage a nod, and a soft whisper,


Chapter Four: Glares of Hatred


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