CH 2: Change



 A ball. The prince of the country had decided to host a ball. All females invited. At first, the idea had excited me. But jeering from my loving relatives had reminded me that it was likely impossible. One of the biggest obstacles that kept me from going to the ball was my attire. My patchwork dress was certainly not fitting for a ballroom. There were multiple stains, and the dress was, as you already know a big mess of bright and vibrant colors. The hope that I had experienced quickly transformed to despair from the words of my relatives. Having felt even a sliver of hope had made the feeling of despair all that more painful. The day of the ball had come I, who was still depressed as ever saw my relatives off. Doing my best to look on the bright side, I realized that since my relatives were not home, I would finally be able to allow my body some rest. Despite my efforts, I was quickly reminded that I had no soft bed to return to, and that caused even more depression. I decided to take a walk around my adoptive family’s property to cool off and calm down.

As I walked away from the gate that my adoptive family had just left from, my sadness betrayed my pride. I felt overwhelmingly sad and tears began to form. The hot tears trickled down my cheeks and I wondered if living was really worth it. I started to recall the few memories I had of my parents and then of the decade of torture that I had lived through. I thought that I had formed the resolve to live and go on with my life, but that resolve was now faltering. At the time, I had thought it was because of the ball. I had thought that I had wanted to go to the ball so much, that now that I couldn’t I was despairing. However, that was certainly not the case. What had caused the suicidal thoughts to stir from the bottom of my heart was a witch. Witches are evil beings that feed off human souls. They manipulate humans by speaking to the deepest and darkest desires that they have and then releasing them. They cause the person to think very negatively, and eventually, they will take their own life. As the soul is being released from the body, the witch partakes in its hard earned meal. I of course at the time knew none of this. I was depressed enough to listen to the dark voice that was echoing in the depths of my soul; I was listening to the voice of a witch.

“Maybe it would be better if I was simply dead…” The words echoed within my mind as I unconsciously moved closer and closer to the lake in my adoptive family’s property.

“Yes. You should just die. In death, the pain will end.” The dark voice spoke to me again, tempting me to take my own life.

“It would be simple, I just have to fall into this lake and let the water pull me down.” I thought, persuaded by the voice of evil.

“Yes. Just jump in. The water is very comfortable. It welcomes you now.” With encouragement from the voice of darkness, I could feel myself stepping into the lake. The sole of my foot felt the touch of the cold water and it was indeed comforting. The cold water seemed to welcome me. The water was still too shallow; I had to go deeper. But just at that moment, I heard a voice, a loud voice.

“Don’t do it! Wake up!” The voice exclaimed loudly. The voice was a female voice, and just as I heard the voice, I felt another body touch me. As if I was waking from a deep slumber, my surroundings unveiled themselves to me. The scenery had transformed into something unholy and vicious. Strange creatures were walking around. I was in a strange disfigured world. The strange creatures seemed to be disfigured babies. There were diapers flying around as well. The diapers had eyes, and looked demonic as demonic could be. As funny as flying diapers sounded, I was not laughing, nor was the person who had saved me from my own death. “Phew. That was close.” The girl said, giving a sigh of relief.

The girl was young, probably about my age. Her attire however seemed to be from out of this world, and in her hands she held a gun. She had sapphire blue eyes and a heartwarming smile, as if she could sympathize with the feelings that I had just felt. As if she had gone through it all, and was telling me that it was okay, that I would be okay.


“Just stay here and don’t do anything dumb.” The girl said to me. Her golden blonde hair swung back as she turned her head to face the mischievous and ugly creatures that were before us. At the wave of her hand, several more bolt-action rifles appeared from the thin air, presumably by magic and stuck themselves to the ground. She raised the gun that she had been holding the whole time and pointed it at one of the diapers. BANG the loud noise sounded through the weird dimension that I was in. The diaper vaporized into thin air, but there were more. It seemed that the bolt-action rifles only held one bullet, and weren’t reloadable. She tossed the rifle in her hand aside and picked up two more, one in each hand. The strange creatures flew around, spiraling around the girl threatening to jump on her all at once. It seemed that aiming would be a tad more difficult this time around. Undaunted the girl spun herself, matching the spinning of her arms to the travel velocity of the floating monstrosities and pulled the trigger on each one. The loud sound resounded once more, and again the rifles were abandoned, tossed at another set of monsters. It seemed that the disfigured babies and the diapers were simply minions—defeating them would do nothing. Regardless, as they continued to swarm the girl continued to take them down, and I was starting to understand why.

“She’s protecting me… She can’t let me get hurt. Even here, I am a liability…” I thought to myself sadly. It was however, inevitable. Though I was quite sure of my strength, I didn’t feel that I could do anything against the strange creatures that were before us now. It seemed however, that the girl had caused a big enough disturbance to anger the big one. A giant disfigured baby appeared from the depths of this dark and demonic world and flew upwards. The girl created another rifle from thin air and pulled the trigger, alas; this being was superior to the other ones as it easily dodged the shot. Moving with great agility, the being had flown past the path of the bullet and had avoided damage completely. The girl however, had no intention of backing down. Slightly smirking, the blonde haired girl created an even bigger gun, one that defied the laws of physics. If the laws of physics bound the girl, even if creating the gun had been possible, holding it would not have been. As she moved to pull the trigger without physically pulling the trigger—supposedly one of the benefits of magic, assuming it is magic—she spoke these words, as if they were an incantation for her magic spell.

“Suffering’s Requiem”


Guns were relatively new technology to the current world, so this gun was ridiculous. The sight was certainly magnificent to me and as the big yellow projectile pierced the demonic being that floated amidst the air, I was left in awe. The strange dark world around me dissolved, and I had returned to my adoptive family’s manor. In the distance, I noticed a small black orb dropping from where the witch had been. As if sensing the curiosity from within me, the blonde girl began to speak.

“This is a ‘grief seed.’ The witches, what you just saw, drop them sometimes.”  The girl then produced a glowing gem in the palm of her hand. The glow was slightly dim, but when she brought the gem close to what the girl had called a “grief seed”, the dark substance that was clouding the gem was removed and then attached to the grief seed. The girl continued to explain. “When us magical girls use magic, the gem slowly dims becoming impure. If we reach our limits, we can’t use magic and that would be bad. So we transfer the impurities from the gem, the ‘soul gem’ to the grief seed.”

“But why are you telling me this?” I asked the blonde girl in wonder.

“Because you too are capable of becoming one. A magical girl that is.” As the girl finished speaking, I heard another voice deep in my mind. Unlike the voice of the witch that had just tempted me to kill myself, this one didn’t seem malicious in any way.

“That’s right, Cinderella. You too can become a magical girl. You’ve cleared the other requirements, and one requirement remains. You must have a wish. In exchange for that wish, you must risk your life to defeat these witches.” The voice said. The voice decided to reveal itself to me, its appearance was quite surprising actually.

Now in many of the retellings of the story, this is where the fairy godmother appears. The being that I am about to describe to you is nothing that grand. It is nothing like a fairy godmother, nor a pixie, nor a fairy, or any of those other magical beings that appeared in the retellings. For sake of good story telling however, the being was changed to something that seemed grander, and more magical.

Appearing from behind of the blonde girl, was a being that was like a cat. Appearing from behind the girl’s neck and out of the folds of her rich blonde hair, the cat faced me. Then the girl spoke.

 “The fights can be even worse than that one. Do you have a wish that is worth trading your life for?” The girl asked me the question seriously. The smile was gone from her face. It seemed that she had gone through a lot already.

“I consider to have lost my life with my parents long ago.” I replied honestly. My life was already over, what I was living at the moment did not seem to be life, but rather a punishment for having not died back then.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you are alive right now. You have a chance at a good future, if you take this wish, things will change dramatically. The question remains, do you have a wish that you would trade the rest of your life for?” What the girl had said was sensible. If anything, I’d really like to love someone, be loved back, and live away from my adoptive family. I had also wanted to go to the ball to meet the prince. It seemed immoral to use a wish to force someone to love me, but if I wished to simply go to the ball, if nothing happened, it would certainly not be worth my life.

“Can you grant any wish?” I asked the cat-like being. It had a sleek white body and four thin legs. It had cat ears and even whiskers. It was a very interesting creature. Upon first glance it was hard to believe that the creature could grant wishes, but after seeing the “witch” and the blonde girl fight using magic, I was willing to believe it. Besides, I was in a pretty desperate situation, so if this was a chance out of the torture that I was subjected to every day, then I wanted in.

“Not any wish, but the wish that you just thought of is easily grantable. Is that your wish then?” The creature spoke to me once more through my mind. It seemed that it wasn’t capable of actually speaking. I suppose that this was sufficient though. I nodded to the creature.

“Good luck at the ball then Cinderella, not that you need it.” And at that moment, the surroundings around me dissolved.

Chapter Three: Intermezzo of Feelings


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