CH 0: Introduction

The Destination of Wishes

“And yet, if you asked me if it was wrong to hold hope, if it were wrong to seek happiness, then I would tell you over and over again no matter how many times it would take, that it is not wrong to hold hope, that it is not wrong to seek happiness.”


This is a tale that has been told and retold for many centuries. However, the world has gotten the story wrong. Over and over, the story has been retold, and over and over it has been misinterpreted, reinterpreted and reinvented for the sake of convenience. People changed the parts that they didn’t like, they made the story prettier than it was meant to be, and changed the ending entirely. I know the truth of the story, yet I am no longer a part of the living world and am unable to correct the story now. If however, by some miracle I were able to retell the story, I would. It is however too late. I know it is impossible for these tales to be shared, as the moment I wrote upon these tablets, these tablets too ceased to exist within the living world. Even so I hope, and pray that one day someone will uncover these sacred tablets to reveal the truth of those days. The story happened a long time ago, when people knew less about the world, when there was less technology, and when “magic” existed. If this story is ever read, it will serve as a warning to those who yearn and seek for this “magic.” If you are able to read this story, then please pass it on to the generations to come.

Now to the actual story itself, I am sure that the story will sound very familiar, as it is one that many kids have seen, read, and heard of. Movies have been created, books have been written, but they have all been wrong. “Get on with it.” You say? So be it. The story is of a poor girl who went by the name of “Cinderella.”

Side Notes: A conjunction of Cinderella, my own thoughts, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. First inspired when I read the lyrics for the song…

Chapter One: Reality


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