Water in a Lake

// Wrote this a while ago, but posting it on my blog. I actually like it quite a bit.

Water in a Lake
By: Dennis Nguyen

I feel sorry –
For the water in that lake
I see it move
But for who’s sake?

Ocean waters flow
Each day they go!
As the day passes it goes
From place to place

But that lake I knew
Even though the winds blew
And the waves passed on –
Without a clue

That water wouldn’t escape!
A shore on all sides
Trapping it to that place
Never would it be displaced

I suppose it’s a blessing
Being trapped on all sides
Never having to worry –
About the stronger tides

Decisions are easy, life linear
The wind blows and the water goes
But! As much as it is a blessing
It’s more a curse!

Little freedom, no room to choose
For all decisions are made for you!
The wind takes you where it wants to go
You as the water just continue to flow

A single particle of water what could it do?
But be pushed along without a clue
Being washed away yet trapped on every side
It seems so hopeless but there is
A spec of hope for it to live
A tiny flare of hope, a fragment of joy
But it just says “that’s impossible!”
It just continues to be a toy


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