Psalm 119 – He

So this is my fourth post in my journey through Psalm 119! I’m feeling kind of tired, but I’m going to do my best!

What is the psalmist saying about God’s word
What am I learning about God’s word right now?

Just last night Thich told me that it was indeed the same psalmist writing all of the sections in Psalm 119. Therefore, with that new knowledge, let us begin!

The section He seems very similar to all of the previous sections. Again the psalmist emphasizes the importance of following God’s laws and keeping His word in our hearts. I’m only going to mention the few things that really piqued my interest as I read through the section.

“Turn my heart towards Your statutes and not towards selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to Your word.” The psalmist is asking God to help him (or her) to focus on God. I believe that the psalmist is trying to tell us to keep our hearts focused on God and to always seek God. If we set our eyes on God, and only God whom is so Holy, we will be unable to falter. The psalmist is warning us that the evil one strikes when we focus on other things. This is really hard for me. I get distracted quite easily and thus fall into temptation quite often. I know I need to keep my eyes on God, but it’s hard. I hope you guys can pray for me and help me to keep my eyes and my heart focused on God.

The other thing that stood out to me in this section is this verse. “Fulfill Your promise to Your servant , so that You may be feared.” In this verse, the psalmist is asking God to fulfill a promise. However, the psalmist does not say “for my needs” or “so I can live happily” but rather, the psalmist asked that God fulfill the covenant that was created for God’s glory. This reminds me of something I learned this year at Breakforth. The speaker was Philip Yancey, and he was speaking of prayer. I can’t quite remember what exactly he said now, but the message of his sermon still sticks with me. He said that too often we pray for the things we “want” or the things we “need”, and while there’s nothing wrong with asking God for assistance with particular things, what we should be praying for is the strength to do what God wants us to do.

Continuing with what the psalmist wrote, the psalmist asked that the promise be filed for God’s glory. I strongly agree with that. The psalmist is saying that when God gives us what we’ve asked for, it is so that we can serve and glorify Him more! I strongly agree with that and hope that I can keep that in mind as I live my life.

So yeah, that’s what stood out to me in the section that I read today, as I said earlier in the blog post, I ask that you guys please pray for me. Pray that I am able to keep myself focused on God so that I won’t fall for the temptations of the evil one. Thank you!


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