Will anything change for the better
If I go on like this today
If I make no attempt to change,
And simply go on “my way”

Will there be a day,
When things will change,
When this darkness
Turns to light

What do I have to do,
Why am I standing still
Is it a fear of the unkown
That is, a fear that isn’t easily killed

How do we achieve a better tomorrow?
How can we bring light,
When all we do is idle,
Waiting for someone else to fight?

What are we waiting for?
Why won’t my body move?
To do the things,
That I’m meant to do

What’s holding me back
What’s keeping me still
When this fire within
Just won’t be quelled.

Dreams never did much good
Without an action or two,
Prayers are powerful, it is true.
However, if we don’t let God work in us,
Just what, can an empty prayer do?


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