This is just a poem to my friends. I will be there for you, I will catch you– and a request, to catch me when I myself fall.

A bright smile
Lights up my day
Provides relief and
Removes some stress

My heart feels at ease
My energy is renewed
When I see that smile
Upon you.

However, trouble draws near you,
The tides return
All the happy feelings…
Just crash and burn

You still try to smile
To give me that peace
But trust me
That smile can no longer appease.

You hold your head strong
You try not to cry
You smile alone
But your smile has somehow become dry

Share your burdens
Don’t tie yourself down
Let me bare some of the pain
I won’t let you drown.

When you fall,
I will surely catch you
I won’t delay, nor will I stall
I will definitely catch you, when you fall.

That lovely smile
Returns again
All is at peace
Things are fine again…

However, trouble draws near
The tides return,
All those happy feelings
Just crash and burn


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