The trap of spring break…

This is just going to be a short one, cause I’ve been thinking about something.

During spring break you think you’ll have a lot of time to sleep and rest, and so you sleep later. Thinking you’ll be okay because you have time to sleep. Does that happen to you? It happened to me. But I’d like to advise AGAINST this. Maybe you’re different, but I know that my sleeping habits have just become worse over the break. This is NOT the case, it hasn’t worked that way. I sleep late for the break, then when school’s back in my body’s used to sleeping late. It’s a horrible trap, so I suggest you don’t do it.

If you’re ‘kay with it, you’re ‘kay with it, but I’m not. I hope I stick to my sleeping habits. It didn’t go too well last night, I stayed up til 2AM MSNing. Guh… Hopefully– I’ll sleep early this night… I advise my fellow students to do the same.


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