Not Getting Enough Food on Sundays?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about some stuff, like how some people say that they aren’t getting enough food from church, that they’re feeling somewhat spiritually low, or something similar to that. They feel like they need more out of church. In my pastor’s sermon a week or so ago, he was talking about spiritual maturity, and he was talking about how we need ‘milk’ to start maturing before we can have ‘food.’ I gave it some further thought, and I came up with something that I would like to share with all of you guys. Remember, this blog is for my thoughts, and you may not share the same opinion, I’m not stupid enough to claim that I’m always right but the whole point of sharing this is so I can share my view, and you guys can share yours. Then we can discuss and come to a solid conclusion– and hopefully, that conclusion will be right.

So if one were to look at life, as in just regular life, you start as an infant. Your mother breastfeeds, and feeds milk to you. This can be compared to being a spiritual infant, that would be the time that you need assistance from others, like in Sunday school, or at the child services at church where you’re given a helping hand, where memory verses, or the ‘milk’ is fed to you. You learn about God at that pace, and people are helping you along. You’re an infant, and you need to start slow– you can’t take too much on all at once or you wouldn’t understand it at all. And so, for that time, just that little bit is enough to fill you.

And so, you grow older, and become a child. Now, you’re older and your stomach can hold more food. The food is still provided to you, but you’re expected to take your spoon and eat for yourself. Your parent no longer feeds you, but rather, you take the food yourself and eat. This is very similar to a growing Christian. Now you sit in sermons, and bible studies. The ‘food’ is still provided, the pastor, or preacher supplies the material, but you have to actively listen, and you’re at an age where you’ve started to discern things for yourself. It may still be early to do everything– but you have to do some things on your own now.

Then even later on, when you’re more mature. Somehow, the sermons don’t seem like they’re enough anymore. This is the point this post. I know for myself, often I felt that I wasn’t getting enough at church for some reason, and I entered a spiritual low. I hadn’t ever felt such a thing before, it was a totally new feeling to me. And that’s when I heard my friend at church say something. I wasn’t really a part of the conversation, I was just there. I don’t know, maybe I was eavesdropping. If I was, forgive me.

There comes a time when you need to start feeding yourself. Sunday service is supposed to be a redirection point, to point you back to God, but one to three hours a week is certainly not enough to ‘fill’ you.

That was a big part of these thoughts. Now, at this ‘age’ you might begin to start to ‘cook’ for yourself. Prepare your own meals, and you’re becoming a bit more independent. Likewise, you begin to need more to fill yourself. Those few hours on a Sunday are no longer enough, you need to feed yourself rather than wait for someone to feed you. Listening to sermons, you need to pay attention, read, and dive deeper and discern things for yourself.

And then, when you’re a mature adult, you will likely have a family and children who you will need to support. You’ll cook, and prepare meals for them. Likewise, in the Christian journey, you will be mentoring, leading bible studies, and many other things. You’re now feeding yourself– and others. It’s definitely not enough to sit at church for a few hours on a Sunday. That’s certainly not enough to fill you.

To be honest, I’m having trouble actively picking up my bible and reading it for myself as well, but I’m trying to do so more often… Anyway, that’s just something I had been thinking about for the past while. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Not Getting Enough Food on Sundays?

  1. What you’re going through is normal just as breathing is normal. Keep your eyes focused on GOD, listen and pay attention not to what is only being said, but also to what isn’t. The fact that you’re writing only shows me of your desire to grow in your knowledge of the CREATOR. So see this as an opportunity to see GOD working not just in your church on Sunday mornings or during Wednesday bible studies but rather everywhere you maybe. You will be able to see HIM in a beautiful,sunrise or sunset, as the wind blows through your hair or as the warmth of the sun rays shines on your face. In time you will find yourself reading HIS word and seeing new things in ways that you had never before. You’re on the right track, one that the ALMIGHTY has chosen for you.

  2. The best thing for times like these, I find, is prayer-granted, I meditate when I feel like this and that might not be for you-In the Book of Mormon it says to ‘Pray always, without ceasing’ and I find if I forget to do that, I get ‘hungry’ as you say.

    The other thing I find that helps is reading other spiritual type books if you’re struggling to read scriptures consistently. I have one called ‘Trust in the Lord’. After I’m finished it, you should read it. When I read it, I try to find how I can apply the ideas in it to my life. It’s very enjoyable to do and the ideas in the book kind of help to open your eyes.

    Then again, maybe none of this is for you!But good luck!

    1. Ooh, the book sounds interesting. Lend it to me when you’re done ^^. And yeah, you’re right. Of course praying will help, however, if we compare prayer to let’s say a drink, the bible would then be our “food.” They can’t work without one or the other, so we have to both pray, and read the bible in order to be spiritually “full.” I think I was trying to say that we need to, not just sit at church on Sunday, but search, and long for God every day.

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