Looking To the Cross

Often we look at the story of crucifixion, and often at easter. But this is unbelievably central to us as Christians. We look at the scene so many times as a dark crushing moment, where there’s a lot of blood and tons of disaster. And a lot of the time we look at the scene with a sense of victory and it’s all true. Jesus died there on the cross– which is the sad part, but then he of course rose again. But so many times we focus a lot on the ressurection part and the happier part, or at least that’s what I have been doing. First, I’ll start with the song. I was just thinking about it this morning, and there’s the sense that we’re lamenting to God, and he’s always been there for us, but then there’s the other perspective to it as well that I just thought about it this morning. It makes less sense in this way, and I don’t think that it was written to be perceived this way, but it’s just another thing to think about really. “Where were you when…” Matt Maher sings, saying about all the disastrous stuff that happened, but then… “You were on the cross…” Like, first of all, no matter what physical pain you’ve gone through, nothing could possibly hurt more than that. He was beat, he had thorns on his head, and he endured so much.

Matt Maher, of course, also talks about emotional pain that one could feel in many situations during life. But Jesus, the Son of God, whom has been relying and faithful to God all this time, what might He have felt on the cross? In a few verses in Matthew 27:45-46, Jesus cries out, saying “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” What kind of emotional pain could he have felt– when he, who was blameless had taken upon all of the sin of humanity– and thus, God looked away. How might Jesus have felt in that situation? The burden of taking on all of that sin is supposed to be quite painful. There is also a verse in Corinthians 5:21. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

So I also looked on the internet a bit, and I came across something that kinda helped me along with my thoughts, it gave me some food to think about, as well as the location of some verses of scripture for me to look at. Of course, I have some of my own thoughts on this matter as well. So at that day, when Jesus was on the cross he bore all our soon and took it all away from us. And as many people say– his pure blood that was completely righteous, completely pure, was shed and that blood covered our sin. In essence, his purity ‘erasing’ our sin. Isn’t that truly amazing?

But if I look at that deeper, doesn’t that mean that every time I sin… more blood is shed? If our sin is what put God to send his Son, so that his Son could die on the cross and redeem us… It’s our sin that’s ‘holding’ him at the cross. It’s our sin that ended up putting him on there in the first place, but then, it’s our sin that’s also keeping us there. The nails on the cross seem to be symbolic to our sin, it held him physically there, but our sin is holding him there. And then, every time we sin, his blood is needed to ‘erase it’ again. Thinking about it like that, doesn’t it mean that every time we sin, we’re driving a nail straight through his body, drawing blood, and in essence, hurting him, more and more.



2 thoughts on “Looking To the Cross

  1. Great thoughts Dman!

    But don’t forget that Jesus is no longer on the cross. If He remained on the cross, our faith is pointless.

    Sin keeps us separated from God – Christ’s redeeming work is ONCE AND FOR ALL … we need to accept salvation and work towards sanctification.

    You can think of every time that we sin it is like us “nailing Him to the cross” – but the better analogy is that every time we sin, we move farther away from God. It is a perversion of our faith if we continue to live in sin.

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